Eduard Wallnöfer - personal appearance

Economic, political and social coherences as well as their circumstances have always interested me. The Austrian legal system - which reflects the relationship between these thre components - provides a framework which enables people to enjoy equal rights and opportunities.


My professional experience started in one of Austria's top commercial lawfirms in Vienna where I was involved in both legal counselling and reporting activities of an Autrian energy services group. Working as lawyer and partner of AWZ today my intention is to provide our clients with solid legal advice.

To achieve this I feel highly committed to quality and try to deliver innovative solutions that work in prativce. In addition to working with clients I also try to expand my own knowledge and share some of my insights through publications.

Hence, I would gladly welcome you as client of our lawfirm and appreciate to convince you of the qualitiy of our services.

Best regards,

Eduard Wallnöfer


Contact: MMag. Dr. Eduard Wallnöfer

Telephone: +43/(0)512/566000

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