RA MMag. Dr. Eduard Wallnöfer has - beginning with special focuses within studies - laid emphasis on Public Law Affairs in the field of Public Commercial Law.

Specialisations were therefore acchieved in the fields of Public Organisation and Sturcture Law (in relation with "General Public Services"), Environmental Law (incl environmental impact assessment - EIA), Law concerning Water issues and collateral legal issues like Construction Law, Real Estate and Real Estate Transfer Law, Agrarian Law, et. al. Since communal and regional entities still remain important economic players in Austria, legal branches such as Public-Private-Partnerships and additional economic topics represent main practical and scientific working fields as well.

In close relation to his so far CV he was besides able to specialize on new, modern and liberalized markets such as Energy Law, Telecommunincations Law, Law of Public Services, Public Procurement Law, et. al. with at the same time working on classic Public Law fields such as Conctitutional Law, "Adminstrative Law", Data Protection Law, Law on Mineral Ressources, Public Finance Law, et. al. Consequently, a broad area of possible working topics can be worked on so that universal consultancy is secured.

Additionally, MMag. Dr. Eduard Wallnöfer was able to gain practical economic and management experience in connection with his activites in Private Business in the fields of Energy Law, Energy and Power Trading (incl. derivatives), "Emission Certificates", et. al. These can actually be mentioned as high focus specialisations of his legal counselling. He was also closely involved in "Joint Venture"- proceedings and various business start-ups.

Finally, his skills have been rounded up by economic experiences in "Reporting", "Investor Relations" and "Project Management".





MMag. Dr. Eduard Wallnöfer

Lawyer MMag. Dr. Eduard Wallnöfer
RA MMag. Dr. Eduard Wallnöfer


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