Franz Watschinger

Dr. iur. Dr. phil.
born in 1971


Education and Professional Experience

University of Innsbruck:PhD in History (Focus on Contemporary History) 2001
PhD in Law 2002

Assistent at Dept of Public Law, Political and Adminstrative Science under Univ.- Prof. Dr. Peter Pernthaler 1998-2001


Associate/Lawyer at Binder Grösswang Rechtsanwälte (Attorneys at Law) 2002-2005

Bomben und Justiz. Der erste Grazer Südtirolprozess 1961, Studienverlag 2003 - ("Bombs and Justice. The First South Tyrol Trial 1961")
Unaufgeforderte SMS-Werbung, Medien und Recht 2004, 301 ("Unrequested SMS-Adds")

Complex Problems need integrated and holistic approaches extended beyond the subjet of law. Hence, versatile personalities are required.

DDr. Franz Watschinger - Partner
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