Public Law Associations

Especially in Tyrol ordinary life is unevitably connected with rural and public organisation forms - you will recognise them when you get in touch (German: "Agrargemeinschaften, Wassergenossenschaft/-verbände, Abwasserverbände, Bringungsgemeinschaften, Talverbände, Gemeindeverbände, etc.")!

Lawfirm Altenweisl Wallnöfer Watschinger Zimmermann provides full legal service either to form and re-organise public organisation forms themselves, but also for individuals, investors, etc. getting in touch with them - its a "world of their own" and especially as foreigner you will surely need legal support on the spot used to the legal and social situation and framework.


We would be glad to let us show our skills for your purpose.




Altenweisl Wallnöfer Watschinger Zimmermann Rechtsanwälte GmbH

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